Design & Development

 Architecture Design 

We at EQRA take a pragmatic approach to solution design, recognizing that customers tend to be overwhelmed with complex technological changes. We always articulate the ‘right’ solution, not the ‘most convenient’ solution, as part of our commitment to adding value to our customers. We continuously engage in addressing complex aspects of the solution design at every stage of the implementation.

We acknowledge that every customer has unique business requirements and technological challenges, so we tailor our recommendations to suit. We continuously strive to evaluate new technologies that we can harness to provide innovative ways of looking at a problem.

EQRA’s collaborative engagement model allows us to significantly cut down rework and redesigning activities as we engage with our customers in every step of the solution design and deployment process.

Implementation & Rollout

We assisted our customers in quick and efficient rollout of projects through our specially designed rollout templates.

Speed delivery with preconfigured templates, blueprints, content and processes. Reduce the cost and risk associated with new solution and technology implementations.


Companies prefer to have software which are best of class. Also in today’s world where acquisition and merger are regular activities, it is very important to migrate of software from one platform or technology to another. And we feel proud to help our customers by migrating there landscape or environment.


When competition is cut-throat, organizations will not compromise on anything which will bring them down, be it technologies. To adept to latest technologies, organization prefer to have latest software’s with latest releases and support patches. And to make it simple, our role comes into picture. EQRA supports client in upgrade (Technical/Functional).