IT Staffing Services

High priority projects, all with a deadline of yesterday. Ever-growing demands putting added pressure to your already stressed IT staff. Limited resources giving you no scope to hire new staff and most important of all, you spending precious time trying to manage it all. Well, we have a solution, expertise at a click. You tell us your requirement, we find and deliver. EQRA is your one-stop-shop for all of your IT staffing needs. We have a dedicated team of experts to assist you need an additional helping hand for your business, whether through long or short-term hiring.

We provide you with experts who have the required skills and technical capabilities. They understand your business and provide you solutions fitting to your needs, for consistent business growth. What works best for you, works for us, Contract, Fixed term, Contract to Hire, Permanent positioning and Pass-through resourcing. Our people love working with us because we invest in our core assets, our PEOPLE.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing is the major recruitment strategy of every company today which also plays a vital role in Recruitment world today. A company with quality and dedicated staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. At EQRA we assess employee’s lifetime ambitions, what will keep them happy and motivated, and the common meeting grounds on which permanent positioning can be ensured. Before we recommend an employee we ensure that he or she has fully understood the role they are expected to play in the organization and what skill sets they are supposed to bring in and develop during their stay with the employer. This ensures that employers are able to retain talents till the end of employee’s career life. We ensure perfect match between the employer and employee. This we do by studying employer’s needs against employee’s expectations by running a fine tooth comb and filter the best hands for employers who will stay for a long time. Companies would be benefited with the Permanent staffing with the below mentioned points:

  • Having an employee for a long tenure project
  • Can have highly talented internal resources
  • Increase the technical competency
  • Adds Technical growth

EQRA Solutions provides permanent staffing in Information Technology and Engineering. EQRA take cares of the following factors involved in the hiring process:

  • Drafting the Job Postings, Sorting and reviewing the resumes
  • Screening & Submitting Technical expertise professionals
  • Coordinating and conducting the technical and psychometric interviews
  • Effective Reference & Back ground verification
  • Create a unique culture within the company for everyone’s benefit
  • Rigorous follow up with the applicant till he onboard

EQRA provides full time employees who are hired for roles which are likely to work for a much longer duration. These employees are on the payroll of the company, liable to every benefit offered by the company. EQRA provides much more benefits and flexibility in permanent staffing, below are the few points why you have to choose us:

  • Provide Technical expertise who would fit into your corporate culture
  • Provide the Human resources with High technically competency
  • Provide the details of the resource availability
  • Provides the right hiring with the effective costing


The fact that you require someone on a temporary basis should not mean you have to compromise on efficiency and professionalism. At EQRA, we take pride in our ability to find competent staff from a large reserve of skilled individuals. We consistently follow up with both the Client and our temporary staff to ensure your levels of satisfaction are the highest possible. We understand why you often need a contractor in order to complete a project with a tight deadline. Our specialist contract recruitment team use their extensive knowledge to work with you on the job specification in order to identify and screen candidates as quickly as you need them. Our contract/temporary recruitment processes are designed to provide you with the most suitable candidates, quickly and efficiently. We provide clients with resources they need either to supplement in-house skills for one-off projects or to respond to peak workload demands. We build a relationship with you to enable us to fully understand your organization, your business objectives and culture and are therefore able to find the most suitable candidates for you.

  • Recruit employees as per Client requirements and assign them to Clients
  • Co-employment relationship between the Client, Employee and EQRA
  • Manage HR Administration and Regulatory activities
  • Options – for Short-term, Long-term assignments